Badboy Comics.

As you may have noticed, I decided to take the main site, Badboycomics offline as of this week. With all the social media going on, I didn't feel a need anymore for an 'official' website. Especially since I'm not in the habit of selling stuff, like artwork or prints etc. I've scanned through older blog posts and saw that some of the artwork up there never made it to my sketchbook, so I decided to put some of that here today.

Below: Some promo images of Eppo, a popular Dutch comic character created by Uco Egmond. Eppo was a popular Dutch comic magazine from 1977 to 1988, which, beside Uco's comics 'Eppo' and 'Falco & Donjon', published well known favorites like 'Asterix' and 'Lucky Luke'. It was revived by Rob van Bavel in 2009 and is published since every two weeks. Clean-up and inks by me, sketches by Uco.

Eppo by Uco Egmond and Dave wessels.
Eppo, Uco Egmond, Dave Wessels
Here's some more work I did with Uco. It's a little 4 page comic about some kids trying to rescue a small neglected zoo, I think it was called 'Het Zoo'tje' (meaning 'The little Zoo', in Dutch that could also be interpreted as 'The Mess'). Uco came up with story and sketches, I assisted with cleanup and inks.

het zoo'tje Uco Egmond Dave Wessels

het zoo'tje Uco Egmond Dave Wessels

het zoo'tje Uco Egmond Dave Wessels

het zoo'tje Uco Egmond Dave Wessels

Oldschool Donald.

Wednesday morning. What better way to start the day than with some oldschool Donald? :)

Gyro Gearloose.

Here's an illustration I did for Disney a little while back (design, inks & color). It's Gyro Gearloose getting some ice cream during the Summer. By the way, Gyro is called 'Willie Wortel' over here in the Netherlands!

Personally, I love just B&W illustrations even more than colored work, so here's a version with just the inks (all characters © Disney):

Bubble Fox.

Last month various artists were asked to participate in drawing a guest comic strip for 'Bubblefox', Jon Esparza's webcomic. Below is the result of my efforts, needless to say I had a lot of fun playing with these characters. Click to enlarge, or visit Esparza's Bubblefox website to read it.

Easter Bunnies.

Illustration of a trio of goofy bunnies, decorating an egg. The oldtimer clearly has seen his share of Easter eggs during his lifetime!

Bald Eagle.

Back to studying animals tonight. Here's a rough sketch of a bald eagle.

Little deer jumping.

Rough animation for a small project. A simple, little deer making a jump. Had to be on a loop, using as few frames as possible!

Happy New Year!

Hi Guys! Hope you all had a great Christmas! I'll try and post more stuff next year! Let's act like Marty and Morty and finish the year with a Bang! Happy New Year!

Tom Poes!

This week, Toonder published the very first Tom Poes story in thirty years! After reading it I just had to do a couple of drawings of the main characters, Tom Puss ("Tom Poes") and Oliver B. Bumble ("Olivier B. Bommel"). They're so much fun! These are very popular Dutch characters, created by Marten Toonder and first published in Newspapers in 1941.

In all, an amazing 177 stories were published until 1986. Known as 'text comics' these stories consisted of three panel daily B&W strips with the story accompanied beneath the illustrations. Actual full color comicbook stories also appeared in the Dutch Donald Duck weekly magazine between 1955 and 1988.

You can read more about the new book 'Het Lastpak'on Toonder's site.